Aaron Sipf  Lightdrawingcraft is first and foremost wort  and blossom lightdrawingcraft, drawing upon many years of wortyard know-how and growing  of (most often) odd, or less often grown worts which may come from faraway lands . This keenness  helped to hone the needed crafty and lightbilthy  skills to show the loveliness of the wort kingdom, seeking to  take the best shots of all, which can show how wonderful the wort is. Making the most  of that fleeting time before it's gone, which can happen ever so quickly with blossoms, is key.  Above all , my lightdrawingcraft shows odd, and less-known kinds of grown worts , blossoms, wild worts of Sardinia, (as well as Sardinian landscapes), although I am also keen on showing something lovely, even if it is rather well known, in a  new way.  Seeing how shapes and slants bring together the layout of the shot,  choosing  true hues of the blossoms rather than shifting hues to  make them untrue and/or overdrenched, and working with, as well fiddling  with light, are key  in  taking striking shots. 

Shows:  Torre di Longonsardo, Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia.


Heather Fellowship Yearbook (writ with lightbilths)

Gold stars:

A winner  in the Spinosissima.it  lightdrawingcraft  ( an Italian Fat-thistle Club) for  a 2015  fat-thistle  and fat-wort show in 2015.  (lightbilth  here)

A  link in the well-known  JL Hudson online seed list.

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