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Blossom  and Plant  Lightdrawingcraft

Landscapes of Sardinia

Great  Lightdrawingcraft  of   both everyday  and less-known  plants from faraway  lands.

Wild plants and plants of Sardinia.

Landscapes of Sardinia. A few wights.

Odd, one of a kind, and less well-known worts, as well as worts from the Tallgrass Grassland in the USA, and other  plants  from Australia, Africa, and worldwide;  fatthistles  and fleshworts;  landscapes of Sardinia.

Lightdrawings of over 810 lifekin  or kinds

of plants now at hand.

New Lightdrawings uptimed Eastermonth  2017.





All Images © 2011-17 Aaron Sipf. All Rights Reserved.